Imagine you ordered a good movie on DVD. Time for a cozy evening on the couch with a glass of wine and your latest addition. You do the disc in the player and you sit back. But then comes the disappointment. Instead of showing the film, your DVD player only gives an error message: ‘Disc error. Incorrect region code. ” What is going on here? This is not a mistake by the manufacturer but this is a typical case of conflicting region codes.
The worldwide DVD regios
the worldwide DVD regios
Simply put, this means that your player from another part of the world is coming then the disc you want to play it. They speak like a different language. This may occur if the film comes from a European online store, while the player instance, you purchased at the local mall. That’s very inconvenient for many US consumers, who are now well on their way to find their way to overseas merchants. However, it is also precisely the reason that region codes are created.

Industry wants to control prices and distribution
For commercial reasons keep movie companies worldwide distribution and pricing of their films like into their own hands. In other words, they usually do not bring a film all over the world at once. Europe thus usually runs for several weeks to months behind in America.

In America, the film also appears on DVD rather than in Europe. By the time they come out here on DVD, they are in Europe, moreover, often a lot cheaper. Film companies would not miss bioscooprecettes and DVD revenue as consumers buy films for which they have not ‘turn’ his.

Film companies have therefore made agreements with the manufacturers of DVD players. They have built an encryption in their devices that prohibit the display of discs from other regions.Kenner film and television expert Hans Beerekamp writes in his blog on the classification according to him little else than “an artificial barrier to the film industry to hamper the free exchange of movies and check.”

  • The world into regional codes
  • The numbers 0 to 8 correspond to the different regions.
  • America is Region 1.
  • DVDs with regional code 0 can be played in all DVD players, regardless of region code.
  • DVD players with regional code 0 is region free.
  • Here is a complete list of region codes.

How to bypass the region coding?
The region coding is to circumvent. In the United States is still prohibited, as sales region-free players. In the Netherlands it is not punishable.

  • To circumvent the region coding different possibilities.
  • Using a region free player
  • the DVD player are region free via a ‘DVD hack’
  • play the movie on a computer
  • Copy and thereby remove DVD region code